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Shipping and Handling
See our Shipping FAQ for details on shipping charges.
Order Cancellation
Because all our trophies, plaques and medallion are custom assembled and engraved, we’re unable to cancel orders once we’ve begun production on your order.
We will charge your credit card soon after we receive your order and before we do any work on your order including ordering any necessary out-of-stock inventory or graphics art work. If you cancel your order after we’ve charged your card we will have to deduct the credit card service charges charged to us by our bank from the refund. Order cancellation can only be accepted by telephone.
If our graphics department has already done work on your order before you cancel your order, you will be liable for reasonable artwork charges.
Order Changes, Add-ons and other Modifications
We will try to accommodate you if you have changes or want to add to your order after you’ve placed it. If we have already begun working on your order we may have to charge you for the new parts if we’ve already engraved, cut or built the particular item(s) you want to change.
If you want to add to your order and we have already charged your credit card we will have to start a new order for the additional items and the small-order charge of $9.95 may be applied if the addition is less than $50. We are unable to ship your add-on order with the original order.
Engraving Errors
We do our best to catch engraving errors. Unfortunately from time to time some still slip through. If there is an engraving error, this is how we’ll correct it in most situations:
  • Trophies: we’ll engrave a replacement engraving plate which we’ll send to you. We’ll mail the replacement plate within one business day after you inform us of the error. Once you receive it you can replace the incorrect plate with the correct one.
  • Medallions, pins, charms and dog tags: we’ll engrave a replacement medallion or pin and ship it to you.
  • Plaques with plates attached by screws: we’ll engrave a replacement plate and ship it to you for you to replace.
  • Plaques with plates attached by adhesive: we’ll send you a replacement plaque.
  • Acrylic Awards: we’ll send you a replacement acrylic award.
If the error is your fault there will be a charge for the above. We will let you know the charge before we begin work. If the error is ours then there will be no charge.
Note: for most plaque and acrylic award orders we will email you a layout proof for your approval before we begin engraving. If you approve a layout you assume complete responsibility even if there is a typo or other fault on our part.
Often we catch errors in engraving instructions that customers send us. Examples are obvious misspellings, date errors or grammatical errors. In the event we have questions about your engraving instructions we reserve the right to put a hold on your order until we have contacted you for clarification/confirmation.
We won’t accept returned merchandise without having first issuing you a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
Please understand that most of the products we sell are customized to one degree or another. This affects our return policy. The amount of credit we are able to give you is shown below:
  • Trophies: 50% restocking charge. Since we build trophies to your specifications it is unlikely that they will have any value to us other than scrap.
  • Medallions, pins, dog tags and charms if not engraved: 20% restocking charge.
  • Medallions, pins, dog tags and charms if engraved: we are unable to accept returns on these items.
  • Plaques, clocks, desk sets: 25% restocking charge.
  • Acrylic Awards: we are unable to accept returns on these items as they are engraved to your specifications.
  • Custom ribbons, sashes and other custom items: we are unable to accept returns on these items as they are made to your specifications.
Note that we will issue you credit assuming the items are received in the original condition less any shipping charges.
Unfortunately despite our best efforts breakage and damage sometimes happens during shipping. Without exception all damage must be reported to us within one business day. If you contact us outside business hours we urge you to call us and leave us a detailed voice mail reporting the damage. We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.
The online delivery information for UPS and Federal Express package tracking will be used for determining the date and time of delivery.
In case of damage or breakage we request you keep the original packing material in the event we need to file a claim with the shipping company. We will advise you when you contact if you need to keep the original packing material.
Delays Due to Breakage
We cannot be responsible for delays of sending replacements due to breakage.
Means of Shipping Replacements
We will ship, at no cost to you, replacements via the same means of shipping of your original order. For example, if we ship your original order via ground service we will also ship replacements via ground service unless you pay for air shipping.
Trophy Breakage
The most common breakage we see is trophy figures and side trims. Be aware that the quickest way to remedy this case is to send you a replacement figure that you replace on the trophy yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable replacing those parts yourself we will be happy to send you a new trophy, but we reserve the option of requesting you send us the broken trophy before sending a replacement.
Guarantee of Payment
In placing an order with us you guarantee to be ultimately responsible for payment even if you are placing the order for another person, company, school or organization. In the case of an open account if your company, school or organization does not pay us within 30 days we will turn to you for payment. If we do not receive payment from you in a timely fashion we will turn your account over to a collection agency for collection using your name as the debtor.
Returned Checks
In the event your check is returned due to insufficient funds or other reasons, our bank automatically turns the check over to a collection service to recover the funds due including additional service charges. Your bank may also impose additional charges and penalties. As this this collection service is automatic we're unable to intervene.
Kentucky Sales Tax
At this time we do not collect Kentucky sales tax on orders from customers outside the state of Kentucky being shipped outside Kentucky. We also do not collect sales tax for schools, churches and other organizations which are exempted from paying Kentucky sales tax. We must have a current Kentucky Sales Tax Exempting form on file for you at the time we being processing your order. Otherwise we will have to collect sales tax on your order. We are unable to refund collected sales tax.

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