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Laser Engraving FAQ

We take pride in our work. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Please read the following in order to help us provide you with the highest quality engraving at the lowest possible cost.

Engraving Instructions
We must have your engraving instructions in written form. We are unable to accept engraving instructions over the phone. While we would prefer that you email us your engraving instructions. We will accept them in FAX format if only the provided FAX is legible and typed. We regret, but we are unable to accept hand-written FAXed engraving instructions. Don't worry if your design extends beyond the engraving area. Our experienced graphic artists will make the necessary adjustments so your text and logo will fit nicely on the product.

A typical engraving instruction might look like the following:

Here is my engraving text. Please make the name, Charles Walking, larger than the other characters. Outstanding Leadership Award
Presented to Charles Walking
In grateful recognition of outstanding Leadership as Production Manager
Midwest Components Company, Inc.
Thanks, John P. Doe.

From this, our graphics artists would use their experience and judgment to create a layout proof.
For example:

Layout Proofs

Once we have completed your layout we'll email you, at no extra charge, a layout proof for your approval before we engrave your plaque or acrylic award. The proof will be low-resolution and represents our understanding of how you want your layout presented.

You have the opportunity to make adjustments to the layout but we ask that you make all your changes this one time. We'll then send you a revised layout proof showing you our final layout before we engrave.

Baring typographical errors on our part we will charge you $5 for each additional layout iteration and proof.

Please review this layout carefully for spelling and typographical errors. We will not begin engraving until we receive an email from you approving the layout. Please be careful! Once we receive your approval we will begin engraving. If you make changes or find errors after this point and we've already started engraving we will have to charge you for a new plaque plate or acrylic award. Changes at this point may also delay your order.

If you order a quantity of plaques or acrylic awards with similar text (for example, only a name and title change between each award) we will normally only send you one layout proof as a representative sample.

Layout Guidance
If you have a specific idea of a layout you want us to follow you may email it to us in one of the following formats:
Microsoft Word

Please note that we are not able to engrave directly from these files. We will print your file out and our graphics artists will use the printout as a guide in the layout. We will try to match your layout as closely as possible but can't guarantee an exact match. Email logo/layout to

Available Fonts

You can choose from the following 24 fonts. From our experience these all of these fonts engrave very well on both plaques and acrylics. We regret, but we are unable to substitute with other fonts.

  • Aldine 410 BT
  • Amazone BT
  • Arial
  • Arrus BT
  • Baskerville Old Face
  • Benguiat Bk BT
  • Calligraph 810 bt
  • Century Gothic
  • Commercial Script BT
  • Devinne BT
  • Embassy BT
  • Engravers Gothic BT
  • Felix Titling
  • Galliard BT
  • Goudy OLST BT
  • Humnst 777 BT
  • Impact
  • Monotype Corsiva
  • National First Font
  • Quorom Lt Bt
  • Roundhand BT
  • Swiss 721 Lt Bt
  • Times New Rowman
  • Wedding Text BT

Custom Logos and Artwork
We are able to include logos and clip-art in your layout. If you send us logos or artwork to engrave we assume that you have all legal rights to use them. We will assume no responsibility for copyright or trademark infringement and will cooperate fully with legal authorities in such cases.

If you are unable to send us your logo or artwork in the format and quality as described below send us what you can. We will evaluate it and let you know if we think it is usable. If it is not usable we will email you a quote on necessary artwork charges.

Email your logo to us at after placing your order. Please send us your artwork in the following formats:

  • PDF GIF file for TIFF compressed file format
  • Black and white only: no grays; no colors
  • High resolution: your file should be at least three times the final engraved size at 72dpi. For example, if the engraved size of your logo is 1"x1" then your GIF file should be at least 216 x 216 pixels. (216=72*1"*3). For best results your logo should have clean, sharp edges when viewed at this size.
For example, if this is your logo:

This is how it should look at high resolution:

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